Sunday, October 17, 2010

My first crafty sale event!

Whew! No more burning the midnight oil, my debut craft event is finished! It was at a fall festival at my kids school, so a pretty small potatoes event, but it went really well. This is an overall view of my table. I wish you could see the cool fall colored fabric a little better. I topped it with chocolate colored felt.

I sold prints of my fall watercolors on chocolate cardstock, and fall fabric pin cushions.

This is my bookmark tree, with the original watercolor below it. You'll see a close up of that in a minute.

Skeletons and mummies. The mummies have cheesecloth bandages. Both were a big hit. I was only making skeletons but my daughter Hannah said I needed to make mummies too. Of course she was right.

Closer in on the pin cushions. I embroidered each leaf and made the mushrooms and snails from fimo clay. Those are seed beads around each felt flower.

I had people who don't even sew buy pin cushions because they thought they were so cute.

Each tree is made from seed beads, the berries are crystals, and the branches are done with silver and gold metallic pens. Instead of tagging each item I had acorn cards for each item group tucked into fall leaf placecard holders. The idea for pricing by group came from the lovely Jenni Horne at Mattie's Social Circle, be sure to check out her AMAZING blog. For business cards I watercolored and salted sheets of paper and punched large maple leaves. The picture doesn't do them justice, they turned out very pretty even if I do say so myself.

This is the original for my bookmarks. I had it in my head that I wanted to hang something from branches, and then thought of bookmarks. This is one night prior to the show, so of course I was up way past midnight painting this. It wasn't my intention, but I loved it as a whole (and it works as such), so I just erased the dividing pencil lines and matted it. Now if I can ever find a way to make decent prints you may buy them some day from the vision of an ETSY shop that is dancing in my head.