Friday, May 31, 2013

A sketch and my ladies

Here is yesterday's sketch.  I painted "lace" along the edge with a small brush, not entirely sure its successful.  My foxgloves got a little chubby but I like the color combinations.  Here are the chickens who plague me while I paint.  Maramalade is on the right giving Marigold some sass.  Maramalade is quite convinced she is the alpha chicken.  Oreo isn't in the picture because

she was in the henhouse doing some creating of her own.  Oreo is the shy gentle soul of the three.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Half an hour a day, EVERY day.  Hopefully some days I will have more time for creating but for now I want to give myself at least 30 minutes and post the results here.  This is a sketch I made yesterday before work.  Marmalade and Marigold kept pecking my feet the entire time because I was ignoring them.  Gotta run, and get my half hour in!