Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall watercolor cards

I'm working on a series of fall watercolor greeting cards, these are still in progress but I like how they are going so I couldn't wait to show them! The paintings are done but I think the first one needs a tiny crop and the edges have some tags to smooth before I glue them to the chocolate cards.

I plan to paint a bunch more, all with different images. Should I sign my name (on the bottom right) on the watercolor itself or on the card?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Penguins for Christmas!

It's still in the nineties in Dover but I have been dreaming of ice and snow. I have been very busy making stocking stuffers for Christmas, shhh, don't spill the beans! (I think I'm safe posting this picture because my blog has a readership of exactly one - and you will get something else!) So far I've made a baker's dozen of these little guys, the rest of the flock didn't fit on the pedestal. They each have their own personality to make them special, at least that is my spin, I couldn't figure out the head pattern. In case you want to make your own flock for family and friends, it can be found in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts, on your newstand now. The penguin designer is Jesse Truong.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Sketchbook

This is my new format for doing one painting each day. I have been pressed for time lately, so I have switched to a watercolor sketchbook and hope to complete a tiny square each day instead of a whole painting.
This is my palette, and it makes me very happy. I love all those cheerful wells of color just waiting to seize the day. My favorite brush is a Grumbacher no. 8 round, made from squirrel. Sable is supposed to be the best and I own many, many brushes including sable, but I have never found a brush I like better than this little guy. My paints are by Winsor and Newton, artist quality.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best laid plans....

So what happened to a painting a day? I thought once the kids were back in school I would be even more productive with my creative pursuits, but then I took a SECOND job. The girls have cross country practice and meets, and family life just got busier and busier. Instead of letting my poor neglected blog gather dust I thought I would give you a peek at a slice of life in Delaware. These pictures are from Fifer Orchards one of my favorite places in Delaware. They have pumpkins....
and more pumpkins, from Jack-be-quicks to cannonballs and on up in size.
they have warty pumpkins, and white pumpkins,

pretty pumkins, and...

green warty pumpkins. There were many more varieties, plus pick your own, but you get the idea. They even had homemade pumpkin donuts, yum!

Here is the cute old original Fifer truck. I brought home some fresh peaches and apples, a few weird gourds, apple cider donuts and of course a couple of Jack-be-quicks for my son Jack. Back at home today, our hokey little town is having one of its parades that goes by our front door. Today it's the Fireman's Parade. Who doesn't love a fireman? But let me tell you this parade lasts for HOURS, and after the first twenty five trucks or so (okay, that number is actually much smaller for me) the novelty kind of wears off. There are a smattering of bands and color guards (who doesn't enjoy Delawareans weilding axes?) and of course the marching ladies' auxillaries in their sensible shoes.

Now... I am off to paint watercolors of some beautiful pumpkins. Enjoy your day!