Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall watercolor cards

I'm working on a series of fall watercolor greeting cards, these are still in progress but I like how they are going so I couldn't wait to show them! The paintings are done but I think the first one needs a tiny crop and the edges have some tags to smooth before I glue them to the chocolate cards.

I plan to paint a bunch more, all with different images. Should I sign my name (on the bottom right) on the watercolor itself or on the card?


The Muse of The Day said...

Without a doubt put your John Hancock on them. I think the one with the blue butterfly is my favorite, although the blue feather and the ladybug is beautiful too. Funny that you are working on cards ... that is what I have been up to in snippets between subjects with the girls. Doubt I will post them today, we will have to see what tomorrow brings. Great work - keep going! Carolina

Anonymous said...

Alicia,Your watercolors are just beautiful. I love all of your work.I will have to come to the caft show to see all your work. Just beautiful. Pam

peggy.schultz said...

I think you should sign your name
along side a leaf or stem ect. where you don't see it right away
but then when one does look it is
there. a little unnoticable but
yet there.