Friday, July 1, 2011

Violets on my windowsill

I think I received my love of violets from my grandma.  She had glass shelves in one of her windows and they were always loaded with violets, she even named one of her daughters Violet.  I love that you can always count on them for a splash of color during long, dreary winters.  I have pretty much given up on house plants,  I am so busy the poor things tend to die from neglect.  But I can count on my violets; put them in a self watering pot and they happily produce flower after flower and even I can manage to water them every month or so.  Here is a quick ink sketch of one of my favorites.


Melissa P said...

Violets are high on my list of nostalgic things. I loved the fuzziness of the leaves when I was a small child.

Your sketch captures their essence. I hope you're enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend.

The Muse of The Day said...

I have been away from the internet, it is so nice to see your Violets painting. I too have a history of dying, neglected houseplants. I will have to try Violets. I will write you a long note in a few days. Carolina