Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Night Irene

Delaware is prepping for the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  The beaches have been evacuated and here in Dover we are taking precautions as well.  We are several miles from Delaware Bay, but from the forecast models it looks like we will still be in the most intense band of the storm; we are a tiny state.  I'm not sure what the good folks at Verizon expect to accomplish with those sandbags, but at least it looks like their windows will be safe.

Home Depot is ready to serve should we have a hankerin' to purchase plywood at three in the morning.

Staples is gearing up but Safeway doesn't seem quite ready to commit to plywood.  Or maybe its just because they have every available person on register...

because every business that sells water or food looks like this.  This is the bottled water aisle in Target.  As a seasoned former resident of coastal North Carolina, I can smugly report I already had purchased my supplies, I was just scouting for blog photos.

And my final photo, the outside of Target.  I'm not sure if they were suddenly selling plywood, or just waiting for close of business to board up.  Well, we shall see how smug I am tomorrow if Irene clips off part of our roof.  Or maybe in a few days if we lose power.  As of now, 10:20pm Saturday, it's not much of a much.  Maybe if it picks up I can add a video clip of me outside with my windbreaker flapping, because hey, we never tire of those hyped scenes.

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Melissa P said...

Stay safe and dry. I'll be thinking of you.