Friday, June 7, 2013

Looks like systems are up and running again, yay!  I did this sketch a few days ago, right now we are enjoying the effects of tropical storm Andrea.  It has been pouring rain all day, so I have not been sketching outside.  Good thing I love backruns because this background is a mess!  The big blue bloom almost looks like I intentionally put a cloud there in the background.  I usually don't do backgrounds because I muck them up; but I am trying to let go and just play, and you know, its not half bad.

I have been keeping up with my half hour (at least) of creating everyday.  I might not be able to  post every single day, but I can always do a catch up and post several days of sketches together.


Melissa P said...

Letting go and playing can be the hardest part. I think it's working out for you though. :)

Carolina Ellis said...

I love pink! No news there! I am glad your computer snags are subdued. I have been going wacko in that class I am taking - I am WAY out of my league. Most of the 500 students (from 22 countries) are professionals already. I recognize some of their names from the selvedges on fabric I have bought & from journals and gift items at stores. I am the little fish - barely a minnow, but I am discovering a lot about the business, processes & production info, portfolio requirements, and of course myself!