Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trying something new

Stepping out of my comfort zone! I painted this wet on wet, which I never do (okay til now), I used Arches paper instead of my favorite Fabriano, and I used another brush (gasp) instead of my favorite, favorite, squirrel brush (shhh, do not tell him!). And I painted from my mind's eye instead of life or a photo. Looks like the Outer Banks to me. Not too shabby for a first try, but I need to use more pigment, less water I think. It was fun to paint so I'll give it another go. What do you think?

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The Muse of The Day said...

Alicia, I am back on your blog again. I think the wet on wet worked really well with the clouds - it makes the sky have movement. When, that is a big WHEN, I paint I find it helps me to ask myself which part of the painting is the reason for the doing of the painting in the first place. If I come up with something like the sky & clouds then I know that the "rest" of the painting needs to "fall off" in contrast so it doesn't compete with the sky & clouds. I am obviously a nobody in the art world but I do think it makes sense. Genine's work is typical of a graphic artist - the contrast stays the same through out each piece. Your work is more about mood and moment, is it not? Like the work of Kevin Macpherson - check out his two books Landscape Painting Inside & Out and also Oil Painting With Light & Color. Are you up for a challenge? I haven't painted in a "wicked" long time but ... maybe if you have one of those books (or pick one you have and I will get it) we could challenge each other to follow it together. Obviously we would blog about it periodically to "check in" & see how we are doing. BTW you don't need to worry ... I am nowhere near as good as you are at painting and on the rare occasion that I am it has been the result of a major brain squeeze that leaves me in a hopeless state of fearing a repeat performance would be like asking lighting to strike the same spot twice. Let me know if you are up for it. If not ... we're still good the way we are going. Carolina

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