Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vision and Outcome: A lesson in try, try again

I found this pretty paper and I knew I wanted to paint a watercolor to match the colors.  I had the perfect vision in my head of just how I wanted it to look.  What ended up on the paper looked nothing like what I had imagined.  My normal method of operation would be to sigh and say "oh well" and move on to the next project.  But I just couldn't let this one go.   So I did something I have never done before, because I have ZERO patience.  I repainted the same picture.  GASP!  My vision had a lot more color and the bird was more stylized.  So here is purple bird redux...

I like this one much better, although it still doesn't match the beautiful image in my head.  And now a brief disclaimer:  These photos are terrible but we haven't had a sunny day here in Delaware in forever in which to take decent photos, and if you remember I have ZERO patience, so I am posting them anyway until I can replace them with something of better quality.  So which version do you like better?

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The Muse of The Day said...

Version #1 - Romantic and timeless, I see it printed on a white poplin, then used as a vertical panel on a multi-paneled skirt edged in white crochet. Very, very pretty. If you put it on Spoonflower , I will buy it and make the skirt. Promise.

Version #2- This one has a great graphic quality. I see it either on hard surfaces like trays and square paper plates, or on edgy accessories especially if they had that wonderful warm sand colored background color like the leaves. Of course then you would have to either add shadow or edge detailing to make it stand out against the sand background.

I think it takes a lot of work to do 2 versions of anything when you are a mom. I commend you for it. I also liked that you included the paper that served as your inspiration- I like seeing that process.

I will be in touch - things are a little crazy here on the mountain. Carolina