Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GASP! I've turned into my mother

My sisters and I have teased my mother for years, she is a "saver" and hangs onto everything, so naturally she has trouble finding things when she needs them.  But to her credit she occasionally hits one out of the park when we need something obscure and she just happens to have it (and she can find it).  My kindergartener has a class project for which the class earns a pizza party when they have collected postcards from all fifty states.  As you can see from Jack's map they are getting very close to coloring in every state, and we are desperately seeking connections to the remaining few.  My mom just happened to have a blank South Dakota postcard in her stash of stuff and mailed it off to the class.  Does she live in South Dakota ?  No.  Now here is the scary part for me.  I was up in the attic (my room for abandoned and misfit art projects)  looking for a particular art supply, and could I find that art supply?  No.  What did I find?  A blank postcard from North Dakota, that I have hung on to for years for no apparent reason (the picture isn't even that interesting).  Do I live anywhere near North Dakota?  No.  Can I even remember the last time I was in North Dakota?  No.        Love you Mommy!!!

Here is a peek at one art project I am currently working on, a landscape of red rocks in Sedona.  It is a combination of my reference photos, but mostly from the photo second from left.  I have only done the initial wash so it should look very different the next time you see it.  After writing that first paragraph I am now noticing all the clutter in my workspace.  It's not usually like that, ...really!

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The Muse of The Day said...

Alicia - this is one of your best posts. It sounds like you. The awesome sense of humor you have is pouring out with every word. I loved how you called the attic your "room for abandoned and misfit art projects." I am still chuckling. Keep going with the project- the wash looks perfect. I like seeing your brushes and paint. Do the kids need a postcard from Tennessee? Let me know, I'll check my attic. Carolina

PS - your calling my posts your "next tree" was very touching. Thanks. It meant a lot to me that you worded it that way.