Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Trash to Art

 My daughter Emily had a big project due recently in which she used "trash" to make art.  I was in charge of photo documenting her at work and her final products.   These are just a few of the things she made.  The school used to send home colorful information flyers before they went "electronic"; Emily sorted the colors and made beautiful paper bowls.

This is Emily painting a sculpture she made from a graham cracker box and plastic grocery bags.

Here is the finished sculpture sitting on her desk.  I like that the paintbrush she used to create "him" became part of the sculpture.


Melissa P said...

She did a great job. It's amazing what a little Mod Podge and some paint can do, especially in the hands of a creative child. I particularly like the way the sculpture is off center, looking askance at her desk.

The Muse of The Day said...

I love the fork-hair!!! When I saw the first pics, I thought "what trash? I don't see any trash", then I kept reading. I would have never guessed the bowls had been flyers in their previous life. Good job, Emily! She looks like she has grown quite bit. It is nice that you got to spend "real time" together.
On another note, I finished the outfit I was working on. It fits really well, but doesn't look that great on. Not sure what I am going to do about it. It is 65° outside. Weird weather, freezing, then tornadoes, 32° in the mornings, warm during the day, then return to cold. Either way, things seem "off". Keep posting, I am always checking. Carolina