Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Better late than never

I saw this idea in the latest issue of Mollie Makes (LOVE this magazine!) a little perpetual calendar to record one short line so your family can remember THIS day.  Each line is a new year.  No one in my family has any inclination to journal, but I think with our combined brain power we can manage to jot down one memory from each day.  And what the heck, we could even use two lines if our little think tank should generate TWO thoughts on the day! Now I need to make illustrated month dividers.  The magazine example had pretty photos, I might use art from the kids.  And look at that cute ceramic berry box... Anthropologie my friends, comes in other colors and sizes too.  It would also look good on a kitchen counter filled with cherry tomatoes.

It even has a pretty texture in the glaze. (Anthropologie is not paying me anything for this ad by the way. Seriously.)  January has slipped by, but the rest of our year shall not get away unrecorded.


Melissa P said...

I love your idea of using your children's art for the dividers. No better way to personalize the project. I'm sure the family will be able to fill these cards up once the routine gets established. And how much fun will they be to read years from now.

And that berry basket--just perfect.

Alicia said...

Now I am thinking this teal box would look lovely with bright yellow lemons, I may have to get another one Carolina!

The Muse of The Day said...

There are so many things - one-liners, off the cuff remarks, questions, that my girls have said over the years I wish I had recorded. A journal is a great concept, but it never really works in reality ... Our lives are too busy. This is a great idea, plus seeing that awesome container on your window sill or kitchen counter just seems to "go" with the rest of the kitchen. Having it out like that will make it much more possible for you to actually write something on the cards. Smart, very smart. Did they have them in white? Next time I go to Nashville, I'm going to stop in to Anthropologie and check them out. If I lived in Philadelphia, I would be submitting my application to Urban Outfitters. I think I sent you that link to their main offices, didn't I? Had we "met" and we were 25, rather than what we are, we would be knocking on their door. Don't you think?let me know what the first line is that goes in your berry box, I am sure it will be a "berry" good memory. Carolina

The Muse of The Day said...

I am back. I was hoping to see a new post from you. Get your camera out and take a picture of your chicken for me. Carolina