Monday, March 5, 2012

Must Float like Leaf on River of Life

I had planned a different post entirely, but the day has unfolded completely oblivious to MY plans, and the reoccuring theme seems to be weather.  Both the meterological sort and storms of personality.  I won't go into the storms of conflict that have blown in today, but I will report that it is supposed to snow here this afternoon.  Snow today, and 67 degrees by Thursday!  These photos are in my back log of things that have yet to be posted, so in celebration of today's potential snow, I figured this was my last chance to trot these winter themed pictures out.  February even had an extra day, and I still didn't manage to get these out from our last snow day.

Isn't he the cutest thing?  I'm going to take a page from this little guy,  even if storms blow in and land you in hot water,  I'm going to keep smiling and stay afloat.  Hope you find lots of little reasons to smile in your part of the world.

With gratitude for this day,



Melissa P said...

Great advice. I hope calmer weather finds you soon, along with a little extra time for creativity.

The Muse of The Day said...

i am in love with him - his little smile seems to be saying ... "yup! Still here, still holding on, everything can be put on hold while I smile." I like how the sunlight is inside the cup with him. He has everything he needs to allow him to float, pun intended, above whatever the day has in store - sugar, chocolate, and sunshine. A recipe for any kind of stormy weather.

Still working on the scheduling I talked to you about. It is going to happen. I am grateful that you just posted. Period. I wouldn't have smiled in the last ten minutes otherwise. I am grateful for your friendship. Carolina