Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bleeding heart study

I have opened my big mouth declared I would do a daily sketch, so here is my first entry, bleeding hearts from my backyard.  They make me think of my grandmother's garden although I can't remember if she even had this plant, her specialty was peonies.  I loved her garden because it wasn't a rectangle, she had curving grass paths that led you through the flowers.  As a child it seemed so big, and it stays that way in my memory.  Grandma is long gone but I will never forget her cinnamon rolls made from scratch with sticky white frosting and romps through the peonies, and gathering big bouquets of tiny violets for her that she put into jam jars and clucked over, because they were from me.


The Muse of The Day said...

You did NOT quit today. That is it, that is all we have to do. The rest will unfold on it's own. It will be difficult more often than not because of our other responsibilities. For today I have one word : Awesome - and how lovely that you have a special memory to share with us as well.

kathyjo51 said...

Your mom has bleeding heart all around. And one of Grandma's roses still grows in Mom's garden.