Friday, May 6, 2011

How weird am I?

This morning I drove around looking for Amish laundry on the line, curious cows, an interesting barn, the odd burro, you name it.  What I found was, the Amish are cagey about their laundry.  It's either so far from the road you can't get a decent shot of it, or it's very close but they are out next to it working in the garden so you can't take a pic without them wondering why this demented and possibly dangerous person is taking pictures of their laundry.  I found a lovely herd of cows right next to the road, yay!, but when I stepped out to take my photos they wouldn't even look up!  Now when have you EVER seen an uncurious cow that hasn't turned to gaze at you with that daft, lovable expression cows get?  I saw many interesting barns but none I could get a proper angle on.  Aren't these farmers considering aesthetic presentation when they set up their farmyards?  What's an artist to do?  Burros and sheep?  All out of camera range.  Not to worry though, it was a gorgeous day and I got some amazing flower photos, which hopefully you will see one day transformed into amazing paintings. 

I WILL be doing my sketch of the day, thanks for asking, but I am running out of day so I am showing you what I have done so far, which is to prep the background for a painting of delphiniums.  The drawing is completely masked and the blue is still wet so it looks a little buckley right now.  It will dry flat and the mask will come off and then I can start to paint.

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The Muse of The Day said...

Good going Alicia. I will send a messenger to the Amish asking them to remedy their ways. They should know by now that you are out there. Great angles or no great angles, photos or no photos, it must have felt like an "artist date" just to be out there.
I like seeing the "process" on this piece, and not just the finished painting - that is a lot of masking you had to do. Carolina