Thursday, May 5, 2011


     Today was a day spent driving the kids to all their various appointments and activities.  During the waiting time I worked on this little sketch.  At some point I realized it was going to be dark before I ever got a chance to finish painting, so I plunked him on the hood of the van right then and there and snapped this picture.  His feet aren't finished but I think this is enough evidence that I (will) have done my daily sketch.  This little rascal gets on our screen porch several times of year and chatters away.  I'm not sure if he is telling us how happy he is to visit, or cussing us out for not clearly marking the exits.  Our porch is very popular with the local wildlife, we had a raccoon a few nights ago, and a possum last summer.  Although we get excited about our visitors, the latter two aren't opposed to making their own exits, so husband has to redo the screens more often than he cares to.


Melissa P said...

Your birds are just so amazing! Even without legs. :)

The Muse of The Day said...

Ok, Alicia. It is official. With this painting of the bird that you photographed on the hood of your van - I think you "got it". Art making is to be done daily. Art making goes with us wherever we are, whatever we are doing, because it is who we are, what we are about, and it is the way we transmit the day. Art making doesn't have to wait to be created only in the "perfect studio", the perfect light, or with the perfect materials. Art making is an expression of what we are feeling, thinking, or seeing ... and sometimes all three. Because we are constantly feeling, thinking, and seeing all throughout the day, this means that art making can occur any time, anywhere, and for whatever reason. This painting of your bird clearly proves that.
So what is official? It is OBVIOUSLY official that your task for today HAS to be for you to change your "About" description on this blog and erase the phrase "wannabe" artist. YOU ARE AN ARTIST, ALICIA, TODAY AND FOREVER. Fantastic painting, absolutely beautiful, I am so amazed that anyone can actually capture the likeness and personality of a bird so well with a medium that completely dissolves in water. I am proud to call you my friend, the artist. Carolina

Alicia said...

Oh my, thank you!!!