Monday, May 2, 2011

Sketchbook pages for March and April

Here is my page for March, followed by...

my page for April.  I tried a little watercolor crayon on the April page, I think it improved the sketches but I'm not sure I like the gritty look of it.  I have been talking with Carolina of The Muse of the Day about quieting the fears, and just getting something down on paper without worrying about how it compares to anything else in this big wide world.  Nothing is going to improve your painting other than painting, one right after another.  So in the spirit of not quiting, I am going to post a daily sketch and see where it takes me.

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The Muse of The Day said...

I wish I could change the size of the font as it appears on your comments. I would like to respond with an enormous "YAHOO" to your joining me on posting a daily sketch along with me. If we could get the entire United States to join us, can you imagine just how happy everybody would be? I am loving this. I am soooooo grateful that I have you in my life.
I love seeing the variety of images - as a whole they scream "Spring is here." Keep trying out all your materials. The red background on the moth painting I did is done with writers ink that I used like I would watercolor.

These are a FANTASTIC couple of pages to add to your "pile". I am looking forward to seeing where we go with all of this - a ridiculously awesome reinvention of ourselves, if I do say so myself.